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    Journeys by Soori

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    Journeys by Soori are a series of customised experiences exclusively offered at Soori Bali, enabling every guest to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of elements which define our destination and to pursue their personal passions.

    At Soori Bali, you can take your pick of full-day and half-day bespoke experiences which focus on spa and wellness, Balinese culture, arts and crafts as well as environmentally conscious excursions. Please enquire for pricing and availability.


    Soori Journeys

    Sunrise at Tanah Lot

    Tanah Lot, a Hindu shrine dating to the 16th century, is perched atop an outcrop of volcanic rock amidst constantly crashing waves. This signature Journey by Soori lets you capture the awakening of magical Tanah Lot temple at dawn, away from the crowds.

    Culinary Treasures

    This series of journeys lets your explore the culinary aspects of Balinese culture and discover its historical and social significance along with its rich colours, textures and flavours.

    Scenic Wonders

    Experience Bali’s untamed beauty through journeys showcasing the island’s most scenic spots.

    Local Culture & Crafts

    Get acquainted with the techniques and the people behind Bali’s many ancient crafts with this selection of journeys.

    Re-energize, physically, mentally, spiritually

    Specifically created to elevate our guests’ energy levels, these journeys will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

    For the Little Ones

    A series of customised activities that focus on children’s interests and integrate indigenous nature, local community, and traditional Balinese culture. Let the Little Ones have fun and broaden their horizons while you are immersed in indulgence.

    Other Activities

    Our Leisure Concierge will be happy to assist you in organising activities tailored to specific interests such as snorkelling, diving or Sky Tour.

    Complimentary Journeys

    We offer an array of journeys with for adults and the Little Ones alike. Complimentary Journeys include daily rice paddie walks, yoga and tai chi, flower arrangements and more.