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Balance & Beauty

Wellness Journeys - Balance & Beauty

Soori Sunrise

Spoil yourself with the perfect half-day journey of physical rejuvenation, age-old beauty therapies and healthy cuisine.

Improve your balance, elevate your spirits and satisfy your palate with this holistic nurturing and nutritious half-day treat. Rise with the sun and welcome the morning as you breathe, stretch and balance your body with our yoga guru while overlooking spectacular rice fields and ocean views. Delight in a light, healthy breakfast served in your location of choice.

After your meal, indulge in detoxifying and relaxing therapies of the 3-hour-long Holistic Heaven treat at Sanctuary at Soori. Enjoy a signature footbath and a warm stone massage, where heated river stones are used over the body in rhythmic flowing strokes to relieve tension and soothe emotions. They are also placed on various energy points to awaken the body’s natural healing potential, leaving you calm and balanced. A natural exfoliation of rice bran and coconut is then applied on a heated terrazzo rain shower bed, allowing perfectly prepared pores to accept the next indulgent step – a full body mask of cocoa, coffee and coconut. The body mask is removed with a steam shower in a mist of blended medicated oils that open your lungs and pores to assist in the detoxification process. Once smooth, taut and hydrated, be pampered with a Soori facial. An earthy base of red clay draws out impurities from the skin while skin-toning essential oils within the clay are released. A combination of pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage techniques are applied, ensuring your skin will look fresh and rejuvenated. The afternoon is complete with a divine two-course lunch prepared by our Executive Chef in the dining location of your choice.

Wellness Journeys - Where the inside and the outside blur

Soori Afternoons

Be treated to an eclectic collection of Asian rejuvenation therapies and healthy cuisine in this half-day wellness package, designed to restore balance, lift the spirits and delight your palate with nutritious flavours. Start the afternoon with a detoxifying Herbal Compress Massage.


Inspired by the traditional Thai herbal compression treatment. A warm steamed compression parcel comprising 14 medicated herbal ingredients is applied to the whole body using an acupressure technique. The herbs help to increase one’s energy, improve the immune system and lung function, while the acupressure stimulates blood circulation and unblocks energy pathways. We then select a body scrub suited to your needs, and exfoliate your skin on our heated terrazzo rain shower beds. This is followed by a steam shower filled with fresh local herbs and essential oil aromas, which thicken the air with a heady and cleansing mist. Cool off with a cold rinse and an electrolyte drink.

At sunset, our experienced yoga and meditation guru will take you through a sequence of fluent and deliberate movements to open your mind, loosen limbs, tone muscles and rejuvenate your soul. After your practice, nurture yourself with an intimate dinner for two featuring light and healthy designer cuisine prepared by our Executive Chef. Finish the evening by stargazing under the night sky as therapists apply thumb pressure to specific points on your feet to unblock energy flow and promote natural healing. A cup of chamomile tea is left at your bedside to bid you a calm and restful night.